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About IT Key West

We provide advanced technologies services to small, medium and large business of Key West and the Lower Keys. Our extensive experience in advanced IT systems makes it possible for us to offer our clients IT solutions that keep your business up and running with efficiency and dependability.

History of IT Key West

Keith and Caroline started this business in 2009, in part because many of their friends in Key West who owned businesses were having problems finding experienced, reliable computer help. Keith used his past experience as a programmer, network administrator and IT project manager to start providing IT services to the businesses of Key West. Caroline leveraged her business experience and marketing abilities to help the company grow and become more efficient. As businesses became more dependent on the computer systems and Internet connectivity, we needed more help, so we hired Val. Now the three of us work hard to make sure all of our clients are spending their time on what they do best, not on fixing their IT systems.

A Closer Look Into Our Service

  • Planning and support of advanced systems and infrastructure is what IT Key West specializes in. We have the training and experience to keep you running, and moving forward.
  • Our job is to understand your needs and bring you the technology you need. Technology can be complicated for even the most intelligent business executives and owners out there. We keep up with the changing technology so you don't have to, supporting your needs as your business grows and thrives.
  • We excel at communication. We make sure you understand the problems/challenges and give you clear options on where to go. No techno "mumbo-jumbo" that is not helpful to your business.
  • We like to get it done right the first time. You know office may needs WiFi, but we go beyond just putting in WiFi- we make sure all the devices can connect, the speed is good, and it reaches everywhere you need. This philosophy follows us on all of our projects - we want to solve your problem, and anticipate your next one before it happens.
  • We install quality equipment. There are always cheaper options, but we have know that you depend on your computers to run your business, so we do not install "consumer" grade equipment that will fail or be giving you headaches down the road.​
  • We can be your IT department. For most of our clients, we are their "IT Department." We don't just answer problem calls, we keep up with the maintenance and updating needed to keep your system robust and functioning. We become part of your team.​
Main Area of Focus for your service:

Being the "IT department" for small and medium sized business in Key West and the Lower Keys. We provide all the services needed: disaster recovery planning, software and hardware planning & recommendations, hardware & software problem resolution, repairs, on-site & cloud backups, training.

Areas of focus

Designing, implementing, supporting complex WiFi & network system, servers and other "specialized" IT projects. We can design and implement WiFi solutions for hotels, offices, campuses; long distance WiFi links; redundant Internet provider systems; Virtual Environment servers.

Our Dedicated Team

Our team of dedicated professionals work tirelessly to provide a top-quality IT solutions to our customers in Key West.

Caroline Taylor

Strategic Planning

Keith MacDonald


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